Who We Are....

We were a small group of people who wanted to do business differently where relationship takes priority than profit. We started our work by lending our helping hand to solve a problem and this lead to a chain of projects that helped us to grow as a company initially.

We are no longer a small group but a network of people with whom we have created a strong relationship called business without compromising on “Professionalism” and “Quality”.

Our company is named after the way we see our business. ideahobi is where we take our customers’ “IDEA” and develop it into a solution by treating it as our “Hobby”. As we all know that a hobby is something we do for passion and by choice. We love to create solutions which would make your life or your business better.

How We Do?

Our Company Mission

Our mission is to implement the best possible solution for our customers’ profitability and growth by which we can create a strong relationship.

Our Approach

We at ideahobi use an effective customised process with which we are and will be able to provide effective solutions to our customers’ requirements.

Following is a three steps approach,

Ideate – We Ideate the customer requirement to bring in maximum clarity

Innovate – We Innovate a tailored solution that suits best to give and effective solution

Implement – We Implement the Innovated solution with the best combination of technology

Our Skills

Web Design / HTML / CSS
Customized Product Development (Web and Windows based)
Mobile Based Development (Android, IOS, Windows and Blackberry)
SEO / Mobile
Portfolio Management
Social Networking